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Top Occupational Therapy Assistant Degrees

Occupational therapy assistants work with occupational therapists in helping patients who are recovering from surgeries, brain trauma, diseases, dementia or those who are in need of rehabilitation to learn how to perform the basic activities of daily living.

Some of the key functions of occupational therapy assistants are assisting patients in performing exercises, stretching and other therapeutic activities to improve their mobility and coordination, teaching patients to use assistive devices, work with children patients who have developmental delays/mental problems and record and report the progress of the patients to the occupational therapist.

They are also expected to perform clerical tasks and assists patients in the treatment areas. Occupational therapy assistants are also expected to set up the treatment area and collaborate with the occupational therapist in preparing a treatment plan for the patients.

Most of occupational therapy assistants are employed in the offices of physicians, occupational and speech therapists and audiologists. Others work in nursing care facilities, hospitals, elementary and secondary schools and even provide home health services.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of occupational therapy assistants in May 2010 was $51,010. The demand for occupational therapy assistants is also expected to rise to 43 percent within 2010-2020. Since the aging population is growing, the demand for occupational therapy assistant who will help elderly clients with bone problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

To become an occupational therapy assistant, one must be a high school graduate and an associate degree that can be earned in a university or community college. An associate degree can be earned after two years. Occupational therapy assistants need a license before they can practice. The program that they must enroll in must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education to earn a license after finishing the program. To become certified occupational therapy assistants, they need to pass the exam being administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy.

Here are some of the Top Occupational Therapy Assistant Schools

St. Catherine University

St. Catherine University ranks 14th among Midwest top regional universities by U.S. News and World Report in 2012. This university offers a two year occupational therapy assistant associate degree program. Their campus is located in Minnesota. They train occupational therapy assistants to have strong leadership skills and high level of ethical values. Students are also given hand-on experience in the clinical field and are prepared well to become certified occupational therapy assistants.

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers an occupational therapy assistant associate degree program that’s accredited by ACOTE. Graduate of this program are eligible to take the National Certification Exam that is administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). After completion of the program and passing the exam, the students become certified occupational therapy assistants.

Touro College

Touro College offers a two-year, occupational therapy assistant associate degree program wherein the first eighteen months are evening courses while the remaining five months include daytime fieldwork. This offers great flexibility in terms of schedule for those students who are working.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Southwestern Oklahoma State University offers an associate in science degree for those who want to be an occupational therapy assistant. The two-year program is accredited by ACOTE and graduates are eligible to take the national certification exam administered by NBCOT.

Manchester Community College

Manchester Community College offers an Occupational Therapy Assistant associate degree program. GPA requirement for admission is 2.5 or better. MCC also offers online learning programs that are great for working students.

Top Nursing Degrees

Nurses are responsible for providing patient care and coordinating the plan of care
within the healthcare team. They also educate clients about their medical condition
and the various procedures that they will undergo. They provide holistic support for
the patient and the family. Some of the basic functions of a nurse includes regular
monitoring of the patient’s response to health management, performing physical
examinations and recording patient’s health history, administering medications and
preparation of care plans for the patient.

The top nursing degrees that are offered to those students who wish to become nurses
are Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree And Doctorate degree
in Nursing. To obtain a degree in Nursing, a student nurse must complete a series of
lectures covering topics about the basic sciences, microbiology, parasitology, anatomy
and physiology and higher nursing subjects. They must also undergo clinical rotations to
practice the nursing skills on real patients.

Since nurses are involved in patient care, some of the most important qualities that they
should possess are: compassion, good critical-thinking, patience and emotional stability.
They must be able to rationalize their actions and make quick decisions. They should
also be able to respond to the needs of their patient adequately.

A license is required by all states to practice as a nurse. After graduating from a
program, a Nursing student must take the National Council Licensure Examination, or

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses earn $64,690 annually
or about $31.10 per hour. It is also expected that the demand for nursing graduates will
increase by 26% within 2010 to 2020. The number of nurses working in the outpatient
department is also increasing due to the shift in outpatient healthcare to reduce costs
and length of hospital stay.

Top Nursing Schools

University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill ranks number four in the US News and World
Report top Nursing schools. UNC offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of
Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice as well as post-Master’s certificate
programs who wish to specialize in the field of gerontology, pediatrics and psychiatry.

University of Michigan—Ann Harbor

University of Michigan School of Nursing offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master
of Science in Nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice as well as certificate programs.

They even offer double degree programs such as Nursing & Business Administration
(MS/MBA), Nursing & Health Services Administration (MS/MHSA) and Nursing &
Information (MS/MSI).

Duke University

Duke University ranks number seven in the top Nursing schools listed by the US News
and World Report. Duke University offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Accelerated
BSN, Master of Science in Nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice, Post-Master’s
Certificate and Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics programs. This university
offers scholarship grants as well as loans to students who are in need of financial aid.

Oregon Health and Science University

Oregon Health and Science University shares the seventh spot with Duke University in
US News and World Report’s top Nursing Schools. OHSU offers Bachelor of Science
in Nursing, Accelerated BSN, and Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing
Practice and PhD in nursing programs.

Clarkson College

Clarkson College offers a Practical Nursing program that can be completed online. They
also have BSN, MSN, DNP and Post-Master’s certificate programs. Clarkson College
ranks number four in the US News and World Report’s list of Best Online Nursing
Graduate Programs.

Top Medical Transcription Degrees

Medical transcriptionists are paid handsomely for their work with handling documents, creating
medical reports and basically just putting down to paper the things that are stated in a doctor’s
recording. A medical transcriptionist or MT is categorized as an allied health professional and
has been thrust into the limelight due to the salary that all MTs take home.

A medical transcriptionist that has undergone an MT training course is known to take an
average salary of $32,900. The salary increases depending on the level of skills the MT has
acquired or the years of experience under his or her belt.

Before being able to enjoy the perks of being a medical transcriptionist a person must first
undergo the necessary training. This will help you in doing your job better and understanding
how things work. The training will also give students some important insights regarding the
workings of the career.

Here are the requirements that you must meet if you want to join the allied health profession
workforce as a medical transcriptionist.

A college degree or a high school diploma
Computer operating skills
Able to follow instructions
Ability to research and comprehend
A good memory and communication skills

If you feel like you are ready to take on the challenges that come along with the medical
transcriptionist training, then there are several things you need to expect. An MT will have
to expect various modules pertaining to medical terms, technology and grammar. Once
the medical transcriptionist training is over, you still have to acquire your MT Certification.
The certification can only be given to you once you pass the certification training from the
Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity or AHDI.

Another thing you should keep in mind while training as a medical transcriptionist is the fact that
there are two paths you can take in order to further your career.

1. (CMT) Certified Medical Transcription
2. (RMT) Registered Medical Transcription

Here are some of the best Medical Transcription Schools & Degree Programs

Kaplan University

This university welcomes all students who wish to enrol in their medical transcriptionist course.
Students must present their high school diplomas upon enrolment. Other courses offered
includes BS in Healthcare Administration and BS in Health Science. Associate courses include
AAS in Medical Assisting.

ITT Technical Institute

The institute has campuses all over the United States including 4 in California and Florida
plus one in Indiana and New Mexico. It offers classroom based programs for their Associate in
Health Information Technology.


Offers associate courses in Health Information Technology and Nursing plus non-degree course
in Medical billing and coding. Sanford-Brown has schools in Arizona, Florida, Ohio and New
York. Enrolees must be living near the proximity of the school and should also be a graduate
after 2011. Classroom based education.

Strayer University

Students are required to have graduated from high school before enrolling or have at least
accomplished their GED. Classes are available either online or classroom based. Courses
offered include Health service administration concentration.

MT Advantage Career Center

This career center offers online training for medical transcriptionists exclusively. The school
offers basic and advanced medical coding together with basic and advanced levels for medical

Top Medical Assistant Degrees

Medical assistants perform a wide array of administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of healthcare professionals. Medical assistants are expected to take patient history and check vital signs, administer medications as supervised by physicians, schedule medical appointments, assist physician in performing examinations and prepare specimens for laboratory tests.

With the advent of modern technology, the use of electronic health records (HER), the medical assistant’s job is taken into a new level. Since an increasing number of physicians are moving their client’s database online, medical assistants need to know how to work on these electronic records. Since medical assistants have direct access to patient records, they should keep the clients’ information confidential.

Most of medical assistants work in physicians’ offices, while other work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of medical assistants in May 2010 was $28,860. The top 10 percent medical assistant earners can earn up to $40,190. Most medical assistants work full-time.
The demand for medical assistants is expected to increase by 31 percent from 2010 to 2020. With the shift of healthcare to outpatient services, more physicians are opening their own clinics and are in need of more medical assistants.

Becoming a medical assistant does not require a formal education. However, employers prefer those who graduate on a diploma or associate degree program that can be obtained from community colleges, technical schools, vocational schools and universities. Some schools even allow distance learning options for these programs.
There are four types of certification that can be acquired by medical assistants, these are: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) from the American Medical Technologists, National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) from the National Center for Competency Testing and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) from the National Healthcareer Association.

Here are a few of the top schools for students looking to become medical assistants:

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College offers a Medical Assisting diploma program that can be completed within three semesters (1 year). However, students are also given the choice to study part-time wherein they can complete the program within two years. Students undergo externships every semester to gain more experience in practicing as a medical assistant. This program is offered in their Medical Center Campus while the clinical sites are throughout the Dade County.

Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School offers an associate degree program in Medical Assisting. The said program is accredited by the Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and graduate of this program are eligible to take the RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) and CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) examinations. This program can be offered online.

Mountain State University

Mountain State University offers an A.S. program in Medical Assisting with 66 credits. This program is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and graduates are eligible to complete the Medical Assisting Certification Exam. MSU ranks number 5 in The Best Colleges’ Top 10 Ranked Online Medical Assistants Schools for 2013 and number 4 in The Best Medical Assistant Programs in West Virginia by

Herzing University

Herzing University offers a 48 credit diploma program that can be completed within twelve to twenty months and a 65 credit associate program. The programs can be offered through online classes. These programs are accredited by the accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants offer learning programs that are affordable and can be done completely online. The certificate program offered in St. Augustine is accredited by the National accreditation and certification board.

Top Veterinarian Technician Degrees

Veterinarian technicians assist veterinarians in performing their duties. This title is also
popularly referred to as vet tech, paraveterinary worker, veterinary assistant and veterinary technologist. They help animal doctors in various tasks to ensure animal health. Basically, they are what a nurse is to a doctor.

There are various technical aspects in learning veterinary clinical assistance which include venipunture, processing x rays, animal skin scraping, urine collection and performing lab tests, among other tasks. Veterinarian technicians also need to know how to administer animal tests for microbiology, urinalysis, blood chemistry, hermatology and microscopy. They also assist in animal’s physical examination, administer medicine and fluids as prescribed by the veterinarian. They may also perform catheterization and make use of technological equipments for animal monitoring.

A vet tech can earn as much as $44,030 annually. Per hour rate ranges from $10.11 to as much
as $21.17, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Requirements for applying for veterinary technician degree vary from state to state. In most
cases, it requires a student to have completed a two year or a four year college-level education
program. They should also be legally qualified to aide veterinarians in performing medical
procedures. There are certain states that require a license for vet techs to perform their duties
to ensure that they have appropriate knowledge and qualifications but it is not a requirement
in all states.

There are three credentialed veterinary technicians known to signify level of experience or as
mandated by the state where they reside in. These include the following:

CVT- Certified Veterinary Technician
LVT- Licensed Veterinary Technician
RVT- Registered Veterinary Technician

Colleges and universities offering veterinary technician degrees should be duly accredited by
the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It is a non-profit organization that was
designated by the United States Department of Education to accredit educational institutions
that are offering veterinary medicine all throughout the county. This ensures that there is
quality of education and that the schools produce graduates that are competent, skilled and
equipped to respond to the duties of a veterinary technician.

Top Veterinarian Technician Schools

Michigan State University (MSU), East Lansing

MSU is one out twenty schools that offers a 4-year Veterinary Technician program. It is fully
accredited by the AVMA and was ranked 71st among the top universities in the country in 2010,

As reported in US News and World Report.

MSU offers the following programs:
• Certificate of Completion in Veterinary Technology
• Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology
• Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology (Lansing Community College)

University of Nebraska (UNL), Lincoln

UNL ranked 101st in the 2013 edition of the Best Colleges and National Universities. UNL’s
School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences offers Bachelor of Science in Veterinary
Technology. Students who have associate’s degree in veterinary technology who wish to
continue their education can enroll in this undergraduate program and earn a bachelor’s
degree after two years.

Lone Star College System’s Tomball College, Texas

Lone Star College offers two AVMA-accredited programs which include 2-year Associate Degree
of Applied Science on Veterinary Technology and Certificate in Veterinary Technology. The
program includes workforce training programs to students. The lecture and laboratory courses
include pharmacology, veterinary terminology, veterinary nutrition, physiology and anatomy,
among others. A clinical practicum is also required to pass the course.

Raymond Walters College (RWC), University of Cincinnati

Raymond Walters College offers Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. From
RWC’s graduates of Veterinary Technology, 100% are placed in various veterinary assistance
jobs in clinics, animal hospitals, zoos and farms. It has an AVMA-accredited program and has an
above average passing rate for the Veterinary Technician National Exam.

Kansas State University

Kansas State University offers distance learning for students who
prefer to pursue their veterinarian technician degree online. It offers Bachelor of Science in
Veterinary Technology with programs approved by AVMA. Students graduating from this online
course were reported to receive a return of investment of 7.4%. The university also offers
financial aid to students who wish to continue their education online.